Qiddle is a social network designed for moms and to be moms. It aims to ease their lives by building up a strong community of moms that assist each other with activities and queries.

share recipes, plan girls nights, get recommended baby-sitters, discover great deals, offers & discounts, get real mommy-reviews of services in the area and so much more!

get on to qiddle today and see what moms near and like you are qiddlin’ about!


moms near me

get connected to moms anywhere in the world, anytime! all you have to do is check in to that area!

now get authentic regional recipes from moms in that area, get local scoop on workshops, events, doctors and so much more from moms of the neighbourhood! and also become the supermom of your area!


moms like me

no one gets you like moms with similar aged kids as you! now get connected to moms everywhere with kids of the same age as you.

don’t worry, we keep your information safe and private. no email ids, no phone no.s, no addresses ever disclosed... :)

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